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Learn Football classes from best institutes in Navi-Mumbai. Learning to play football can be very difficult but it is definitely possible. This training helps in teaching and exploring the candidates about rules and techniques involved in playing this game, they are explained below. Football requires one to be in a decent physical state as you need to be capable of running for the entire duration of the match without getting tired. There is no point if within 30 mins of playing you are exhausted and fainting. The candidate must learn to play the ball using the insoles and aim the ball accurately in a specific direction.
Once candidates can control the ball and pass the ball you need to learn to dribble. The candidate cannot kick the ball like 5-6 yards and chase after it. The candidate needs to have the ball closer to you when you are dribbling. So learn how to push the ball just a foot or so ahead and run with it.
Also the candidate will learn how to shield the ball from the opponent while dribbling. This can be done by using your forearms as a shield to prevent the opposition from getting close to you. The next step is to learn how to win the ball from the opposition. This is slightly tricky and you will need someone good to practice with. They need to be able to tell you what is allowed and what is a foul.
Now, learn shooting. Basically, its just passing but with more power. Also, when shooting the point of contact between foot and ball shift further forwards from the insole towards the front of the foot. Also, learn how to shoot with the laces of your boots.The hardest part is to figure out what is your best playing position.
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